Web3 Growth Technology Tools

LuLu Holland
2 min readFeb 24, 2023

A strong community is an essential pillar for building any Web3 company.

As an experienced community builder in Web3, I’ve helped scale Web3 communities from 0–12,000+ in two months, launch NFT campaigns, grow products, and run community programs — I’m interested in the technology that supports and automates community growth.

I’m excited about the Web3 tools that help companies connect, engage, and reward their community members.

From NFT projects like DeGods to ENS Domains, a community can be a powerful force in evolving and supporting a product.

Community-Led Growth allows a company to have a stronger pulse on its customer pipeline, feature requests, and real-time support, all while enabling users to get the most out of their product. These users in turn, become champions, creating a flywheel of active members and strengthening the community.

As an example, in Web3, Discord is the common home for community gathering and processing real-time customer support.

I’m excited about the Web3 Growth Tech landscape — in October 2022, there were around 75 companies building in the space, now there are over 160. This provides a great opportunity for investors and builders alike.

I’m interested in the tools companies use to drive and maintain this growth. As more Web3 companies emerge, the need for these specific tools increases.

Here are a few of the spaces and Web3 growth technology tools I’m excited about:

  • Web3 customer support is difficult with so many channels to monitor, Clove makes it easier to manage. Clove — a customer support platform for Web3 that compiles Discord, Telegram, and Twitter messages into one Dashboard.
  • No-code NFT/ Reward Tools — launch and reward your community with no-code NFT tools like Galxe, Bonfire, and MintChip.
  • Questing Platforms — while quests were originally focused on rewards, we’ve seen a shift towards on-chain and meaningful engagement actions. Tools like Crew3 and Layer3 help Web3 companies create, reward, and track quests.

Here’s an exciting Web3 Growth Technology Landscape Map compiled by Safary with some more categories and companies.

The Future

Web3 is a rapidly evolving space and so is the Web3 Growth Technology landscape. It will be exciting to see builders skate to where the puck is going rather than where it has been.

If you’re building in the space, feel free to reach out — I’d love to connect on Twitter. I also run a community connecting early-stage founders to mentors and investors.

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